KPNs timing for adult 2Bkickers

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KPNs timing for adult 2Bkickers

Post by SA on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:25 am

Its doable when you dont try to swim too fast, or are very fresh, but otherwise people with normal shoulder flexibility shouldnt exactly imitate KPNs timing from this well known clip.
If you have a 6Bk and fins, its easy, but when using a 2BK most people will drop their elbow with this timing.
She just can make the pull, but she still drags down the body a bit, and only can do it because she has that EVF in place before she really starts to pull.
Most people have to set up the catch a little earlier, so less catchup timing to avoid trouble. This is too much uumph at the front for people to handle.
For cleaning up your stroke, making all the switchings and arm angles tight and crisp,working on that EVF its a good stroke drill though.


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