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Throwing Arm Forward - Not Empty Throwing Arm Forward - Not

Post by cottmiler on Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:05 pm

We have heard about throwing the arm forward to entry point from various knowledgeable sources.

However, I have not believed that it could help because action and reaction are equal and opposite.

Instead I discovered a new thing this morning when swimming with an ankle band and sighting forward but breathing to one side.

Particularly when pulling with the left arm then it pulled the body over onto it's right hand edge and the right arm naturally swung or even floated in the air into it's forward position position for a nice entry.

All body rotation was generated by a strong pull underwater and what's more is that since the legs were together with a rigid straight body, the body shot forward in a very streamlined way with legs high in the water. It felt very good.

Swapping over to the right hand pull it was not quite so effective since there was a faulty right arm bend under water.

So the conclusion is that the upper arm appears to be "thrown forward" by the very powerful underwater pull of the hand and forearm.

This experience would not be discovered unless one is using an ankle band and striving to keep the legs as high as possible by correct arm action under water.

(This is like the Boomer drill as I call it).


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Throwing Arm Forward - Not Empty Re: Throwing Arm Forward - Not

Post by SA on Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:01 pm

I have already written a lot about how I see it, so not going to repeat all that.
In short, if you throw the right arm forward you intensify the pressure on the low side left  arm, increasing pressure in a semi static way for that low arm, same as using fall on catch in a semi static way.
Thats less strenous for the muscles than an isolated active pulling movement.
If you have the left leg angled up and slam that one down at about the same time the right arm is thrown forward, there is extra pressure under the leg pressing back and down, which is a good direction for kick effect.
On top of that there is distribution of energy send to muscles during the total stroke cycle. You want to distribute the energy evenly over the cycle to avoid peaks.
So . it can work for some, but not for all types. Depends on bodytype, frequency, buoyancy etc.
In backstroke its all straight arm throwing instead of old fashioned.bend elbow recovery, so somewhere there is an advantage to that style. It doesnt work welll with catchup timing I think.

keep on experimenting Cottmiler, some inspiration:

With a short piece of swimgenius Thorpe


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