Silver Cap lapping up the Drills!

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Silver Cap lapping up the Drills!

Post by cottmiler on Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:24 am

Silver Cap appeared again today and seemed interested in drills. SC if you recall is a strong open water swimmer keen to improve.

Previously he had had a go at "Shoulder Tap" and "Popov" as well as "Tap the water behind you" drills.

I mentioned the usefulness of a two beat kick but that was a bit new to him at this stage.

Today I introduced him to Easy Unco and Proper Unco. Easy Unco came a bit easier but he was soon getting the idea. The realisation that the arm action affects the leg drop became evident to him.

However, what really was the Light Bulb Moment for him was when he fitted the Ankle Band on!

This showed him what good swimming is all about - body balance enhanced by good arm action.

When the time came to leave I had to wrestle the ankle band away from him, he was so delighted with it!


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