Belated Happy Birthday “theswimforum”!

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Belated Happy Birthday “theswimforum”! Empty Belated Happy Birthday “theswimforum”!

Post by cottmiler on Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:31 am

No one has particularly celebrated that we have paddled along for a year since SwimSmooth pulled the plug on its forum. Who knows what next year will bring us but here are a few observations.

We managed to round up a bunch of stalwarts and have retained friendships and had some interesting discussions. A few experts dropped in and out.

I think I have learnt a lot again this year, by listening to others and studying videos. The contradictions around the subject remain baffling but SwimSmooth and Total Immersion remain polarised but complementary.

I do feel that some of the Total Immersion forum enthusiasts might benefit but my attempts with them haven,t succeeded. A couple of us looked at UKswimforum but it wasn,t so interesting. Nor Slowtwitch.

The top three posters were nightcrawler (683), SA aka smootharnie, zenturtle (356) and cottmiler (283).

Maybe if we awarded Bitcoin Cash to new joiners the forum would flourish!


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