Swimming in a 7m pool

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Swimming in a 7m pool

Post by Sprinter on Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:41 pm

For four days I was in a hotel with a 7m pool (measured precisely), fortunately rectangular form and deep enough, reasonable visibility.

So I concentrated on sprint-kicking, 7m and 14m (no breathing), and that seemed really useful.
More precisely I did:
(a) just pushing off the wall, gliding to the other end, 7m
(b) (torpedo-)kicking off the wall, 7m
(c) same as (b), with additional tumble-turn and back (all without breathing), 14m
(d) last day I added the arms, 14m (also without breathing).
I used the tempo-trainer with 0.6s/beep for timing (kicking), synchronising with the stroke for (d).

The times were around
(a) 3.2s - 3.7s: so 2m/s (average) are achievable just by pushing off and gliding, for 7m.
(b) 2.8s - 3.3s: not so easy to add speed; one has to wait until at least 1/3 of the time is over, perhaps nearly 1/2.
    Easiest to kick completely submersed, much more difficult to do it close to the surface: it seems the additional
    resistance at the surface can be avoided, but it is easily created, and one has to be very "precise".
(c) 8.4s - 9.5s: quite difficult, to make an effective turn. For kicking it is easiest to do all below water, as in (b), but that
   does not work with the turn, so one has to come up. Then the turn (remember there is no arm-pull) is difficult to do
   efficiently. Key to hit the wall quite high, and NOT to go deep. I would guess that dolphin-kicks for late starters are just
   jokes (if you like them, that's a different story, I just consider speed here), so do not waste any time with them. It is also
   very hard to do anything on your back, and for the full stroke the turning is needed anyway, so rotation onto the stomach was
   done, and that definitely absorbs a lot of speed. The 8.4s I could only realise very rarely, 9.0s much more common. So 3s loss
   over the 2*3s=6s which could be done by kicking one distance (endurance doesn't play a role here, I could do 2 * 3s with kicking,
   without rest, but stopping, and make a complete wall-start in both directions). Definitely the second 7m were 2s slower.
(d) Reliably ~ 6.5s. Key here is to use the arms soon on the second length. Even on the first length speed can be added with 2-3
    strokes before the turn (so I did the 7m including the turn now in 3s), but very essential for the second length.

My feeling was that this was great for really feeling the water. Swimming 2m/s or faster seems a very good test setting to feel
- the mistakes with your head
- starting to kick too early (first length) or too late (second length)
- the feet too high out of the water
- body-position not arrow-like enough
- not using your full long leg
- not adding the complete leg-snap at the end.

If I would have stayed longer I would have started to do 3 lengths at a time. Unfortunately I got some form of food poisoning, so that stopped
"life as we know it" for a few days Evil or Very Mad Today in another hotel pool, this time 25m, I did some activity for the first time. Still very weak (just
taking a few stairs feels hard, have to make a break), but the kicking nevertheless felt awesome. For the first time I had this complete feeling,
that I was consistently kicking through, with good thrust. Couldn't swim hard, but the few 25m with only-kicking (and the snorkel) I did were right away
24s-25s, for which normally I must work quite a number of lengths. And they felt quite easy --- sure, something has to be done Cool , but it felt
natural and straightforward. And sure, at the end I had to take a rest for quite some time, but that should be due to my current weakness (where
I also don't want to take risks). Swimming full stroke I had a good speed also with modest pulling (but using for now only my lowest stroke rate,

So it adds to my growing conviction that the greatest enemy of the late starter is slow swimming. The slower you swim, the less you feel the water,
the more you swim in your own "filter bubble".


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Re: Swimming in a 7m pool

Post by nightcrawler on Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:16 am

Sprinter wrote:
So it adds to my growing conviction that the greatest enemy of the late starter is slow swimming. The slower you swim, the less you feel the water,
the more you swim in your own "filter bubble".

I could have never understood why they have been constructing freaky-pools! Anyway, you found out a way to benefit, that is really cool, I used to swim by tieing myself up to the edge of the 15m pool and was doing resistance workouts, with and withoit paddles, it was good for developing power and stamina also focusing on keeping the legs higher in the water...

The subject matter that you deduced(that i quoted above) from your workout session is very important and exactly true, that is why I have given up doing slow drills and swim sets above the race pace.


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