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Post by s.sciame on Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:55 am

It seems the slowtwitch forum guys are becoming very analytical with swimming:

Didn't read the whole thread but there are some interesting video analysis and tips from "Slowman". For instance I realized that one more reason to practice some ankle band swimming is to prevent hips overrotation (or promote rotating upper body more than hips, something SA may be particularly interested in recently). Rotate hips too much and the legs will sink, rotate upper body too little and shoulders will hurt.

Does anyone of you post on Slowtwitch as well?


PS: on usms forum instead there's someone who asks if he can drop his 50m time from 45s to 30s in one month Very Happy


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Re: Slowtwitch forum

Post by SA on Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:52 pm

Klehner had the best tip for all those guys

My advice is not "don't do that." My advice is quite specific and quite simple: identify by feel those muscles by lifting your straight legs while lying stomach-down on the floor, then engage those muscles while you swim. Once practiced enough, it becomes second nature and provides immediate speed gains with minimal energy expenditure.

Best to add also the upperbody twisting movement by pushing your shoulders into the ground to strengthen the core muscles from hips to shoulders.

Dan Empfield is a nice guy.
Liked his article about the high costs of efficiency or something like that.
Cant find it anymore.


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