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Fins and Fings

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Fins and Fings Empty Fins and Fings

Post by cottmiler Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:19 pm

Recently I reported how buying some Maru fins has really helped Bregor (70+ yo) learn the correct leg action for the crawl. He bought some too and and loves them.

Unfortunately they are over a kilogram in weight and will not be happy in my hand luggage to Australia.

Mrs Cott observed this and recalled having once seen some lightweight ones so just bought some Aquasphere (Phelps) fins.

She has used them a couple times now and they are so light that they float! I shall have to buy some before our holiday.

We have big heavy sea swimming fins in Australia for Great Barrier Reef snorkelling but they are a pain to carry around and use. SwimSmooth and Shelley Taylor- Smith put great store by using them in their clinics.

Mrs Cott has always had a problem using fins correctly and so it is with these Aquasphere ones. She says the fact that they float makes it harder to manoeuvre them up and down in the water. Also because she has excellent body position she is kicking air. This shouldn't be a problem for sinky legged gents.


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Fins and Fings Empty Re: Fins and Fings

Post by SA Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:28 pm

Exactly. I was also kicking air with these things. legs float at the surface even without kicking so much buoyancy they have. just buy small fins from finis or whatever.


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