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fly - inhalation for "bent-over" oldie!

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fly - inhalation for "bent-over" oldie! Empty fly - inhalation for "bent-over" oldie!

Post by Don Wright Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:48 pm

Am getting a bit fed-up with doing a sequence of "one head-down full fly stroke followed by a one-arm fly stroke with inhalation to the side as in FS" (until muggins gets tired - which doesn't take long now).  But am determined to carry on - "Where there's a will there's a way"!  So surfed the internet to see what others have found, clips like : -

Because of not now being able to keep absolutely straight from toes to top of head, due to spinal problems at the hips/neck - when I do a normal fly inhalation stroke the water line comes about the middle of the nose, so my mouth can't clear the water surface for an inhalation.  What options have I got, in attempting to swim my favourite stroke?

Side breathing as in FS? - Not keen on that idea because there is a very short window of opportunity for inhalation, as the impetus upward from the double arm up-sweep, is very quickly followed by the upper torso sploshing back down into the water. (Don't get that problem when doing one-arm fly .That might be due to the fact that only one-arm does the up-sweep, so it's not so vigorous, and consequently less splosh involved!)

Trying a hybrid Breast-Fly drill? - In that I would (differing from the clip link above) keep to the normal fly body action throughout - but "naughtily" use a bit more downward pressure of the hands/forearms when doing the out-sweep, so that my head pops out of the water for an inhalation - i.e. getting in an "early breath" instead of one near the end of the arms up-sweep, Then dropping the head down and continue as if doing a non-breathing fly stroke.  Have done some preliminary experiments doing this - and it seems to be a possible "answer" for me!

Yonks ago in a crowded pool, when passing an adjacent slower swimmer, I needed to avoid doing the normal "kick-wide" breast-stroke leg action, so used narrow dolphin kicks while passing them - not as good as a proper breast-stroke kick, but acceptable in the circumstances!

I've also looked at info regarding "late breathing" in fly ...

... wondering if a slightly later attempt at inhaling might be another possibility - but reckon not!


Latest! Rolling Eyes I now find that there is insufficient time to get the inhalation "in" at the start of the out-sweep, then nod the head to get the legs up high, with feet breaking (or near) the surface - and drawing the heels up closer to the butt ready for the big kick to go with the double-arm up-sweep. Will explore what happens if I don't make such a vigorous double-arm effort and try side inhalation. It works OK in one-arm fly - so why not in the full stroke arm action!?

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