No UK pool swimming = withdrawal symptoms!

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No UK pool swimming = withdrawal symptoms! Empty No UK pool swimming = withdrawal symptoms!

Post by Don Wright on Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:26 am

Grim aint it!   (You OW swimmers in warmer climes are very fortunate. ) Will we remember "the finer points" when we can get back to the pools after this COVID-19 "lock-down" with gym/pool closures? I.E.  will our "muscle memory" fail us!  Rolling Eyes BTW Who's "religiously" doing those "thera" band exercises etc, to keep in trim?

  As a bod who likes trying out different things, I've been dreaming of what I'd like to do if/when can get back to pool swimming.  That fun activity I used to do, seemingly yonks ago (some 10 years ago!  Smile  ), of body dolphin-ing on the rum, just a few inches above the pool's floor tiles, became next to impossible due to the buoyancy in the Zone3 shorts I always wear when swimming now - it tends to "kill off" any forward movement due to the "upward tug" of the air in all those little closed neoprene cells in the short's lining!  OK - so if I try doing the same action at the surface - will it be more effective???  Hmmm! - I've had quite a few supposedly "bright ideas" in the past - most of which have failed the follow-on "water test"! Smile

Efforts at FS swimming without the buoyancy of the shorts were pathetic, due to my below average buoyancy - the body from head to toes, probably at some 30 degrees below the surface causing horrendous drag! Think my low'ish lung capacity is the root pf the problem, 'cos without B.S. I have  a struggle to "get to air" as I roll and turn the neck for an FS inhalation.  So some that complain of "sinky legs", may in fact have poor general buoyancy due to the state of their lungs! (You there!  Put that fag out! Twisted Evil )

    Am really keen to try doing that same body dolphin action up near the surface so the B.S. don't "kill" the action so much.  ( After all, breast stroke "wave" style swimmers utilize the energy exchange when they elevate their bodies above the surface, then gravity causes their bodies to flop back down, giving some forward motion as they reach forwards.)  I wouldn't think that doing BD on the side would be as effective, cos there would be no help from gravity with parts of the body falling/rising - only when on the tum or on the back.

  I've discarded my old Maglischo "Swimming Fastest" tome, so I can't check up what he said about when, in the course of a body dolphin undulation one should reach forward with the arms.  I would imagine it would be as the lower legs flick down (by which time the outstretched arms - with body in streamline posture - press down again through some 10-15 degrees as part of the continual down/up "arm-wavering" action, which initiates a "ripple" along the spine, elevating head (tucked between the arms)/shoulders a bit, until they fall under gravity and the hips rise etc,.) I remember that it is necessary to maintain a good continuous muscle tone with the abs and back muscles, as the body flexes up/down slightly at the various stages of the motion. iI the core body action is floppy/disconnected, then forward movement will be zilch!

 All we can do here for a while longer, is to keep on dreaming about pool swimming!  Sad

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