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Dryland Swimming Exercises in Lockdown

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Dryland Swimming Exercises in Lockdown Empty Dryland Swimming Exercises in Lockdown

Post by cottmiler Fri May 08, 2020 11:45 am

I have been looking at quite a few of these videos that have suddenly sprouted up.

I thought this one looked particulary good.

As it happens, I have been doing a few hours of assorted routines and the Joe Wicks daily session every day for 7 weeks and made tremendous progress all over.

No swimming though.


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Dryland Swimming Exercises in Lockdown Empty Re: Dryland Swimming Exercises in Lockdown

Post by Don Wright Mon May 11, 2020 11:02 am

Hi "cott"!  
  Very good exercise clip, but somehow I don't think many of us will be able to do the "handstand walk"  Twisted Evil .  I liked the exercise in which one supports the hips on a big medicine ball, stretches out an arm with hand on the floor for balance, allowing the other arm to do an FS pull/push for the other side, and adding in a leg kick. That's probably the nearest we can get to simulating an FS stroke,  without strapping ourselves to a fancy "limited-rotation" plank, held "hammock-like" between two supports, allowing continuous action for each side.  I expect some enterprising bod has already marketed such a contraption - at a fancy price!

 Don't do yourself an injury with some of those balance exercises, requiring one or both hands to be pressed against the floor!  I have bitter memories of a mishap I once had doing Yoga exercise : -

(in which one kneels with hands on floor, wrists turned so that fingers point to feet and thumbs stuck out to left and right sides, elbows tucked in pressing against the tum, then gradually lean forwards and extend the legs , now off the ground - using the upper part of the body as a counter-balance, so that the body is horizontal and off the ground, forearms makng an angle of about 45 degrees with the ground).

It was really a "move" that a gymnast would casually do - but I slipped, rolling to my left - tearing a tendon as my left thumb got bent behind my left knuckles. It took a repair op, and almost a year to recuperate (thought I would never be able to properly hold/use the finger board of my guitar ever again!). Of course the injury had to be with the hand I write with - so with arm encased in plaster for 3 months - had to learn to write with my other hand. Memo to self - don't try tricks like that ever again!!!

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