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Slowly regaining form

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Slowly regaining form Empty Slowly regaining form

Post by Sprinter on Sat Oct 03, 2020 1:13 pm


seems only few readers left, but let's see.

Since roughly 1 1/2 months I am swimming again, after nearly 6 months of a complete break. Being a member of a gym with 25m pool and of a public pool, swimming isn't too bad currently. Regaining fitness likely will take more time.

One always has to take such breaks as a chance. Breaking old habits; perhaps it's stronger than a habit, but more like something installed into your body.
I think indeed the technique improved. I believe I know now quite well how I want to swim, and I am not too far off -- but a lot of unwanted movements. From toes to fingers. And it seems that I improved on that. More awareness after the long break.

Especially the legs I got better under control. It seemed helpful to me, that I did video recordings of myself with dryland exercises related to abs and legs (straight legs up and down, in variations). I could clearly see problems which also arise when swimming! So since then with all those exercises I concentrate on pointing the toes and turning the feet inwards -- and that seems to help.

Speed is developing. Hopefully I can get faster than before, but that'll take more time.

Another important aspect is the use of the lats for the pulls. I noticed early that I happen for forget that, especially when pulling heavily (and that can lead to shoulder problems). So I constantly monitor the use of the lats, kind of feeling mounted with the whole arms.


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Slowly regaining form Empty Re: Slowly regaining form

Post by Tom65 on Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:57 am

Living in Melbourne equals no swimming, so that's one swim since June last year due to injuries, moved house, out of stage 4 restriction zone, hoping to get a swim in soon in an outdoor pool.

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Slowly regaining form Empty Re: Slowly regaining form

Post by cottmiler on Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:24 am

G'Day sprinter!

Great to hear from you and that you are happily swimming again! I have just started a bit of tennis now but no swimming other than on the living room carpet.

You mention the "use of lats". When I did my last Cottesloe Mile sea swim in January, the muscles under each arm were rather sore. I presume these were the lats. I hadn't experienced this before.

My brother in Perth has just had a 1-2-1 swim stroke analysis with Sally Scaffidi of SwimSmooth and found it very illuminating. He is an experienced open water sea swimmer (about 15% faster than me).

Sally pointed out 1) incomplete lung clearing, 2) erroneous hand entry needing hand below wrist below elbow, 3) left side breathing causing leg straying.

You've heard it all before no doubt. Bro was very pleased to have learned this stuff.


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Slowly regaining form Empty Re: Slowly regaining form

Post by gregorywannabe on Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:12 am

Hi All

My planned time off due to a shoulder issue turned into 5 months of no swimming with covid-19. I discovered 2 things: 1 - both shoulders felt "worse" when I started swimming again (use or lose it I guess!) and 2 - I am swimming like a slug! Smile Even after starting back gradually in August 3 x 1.7k per week, I'm only up to 3 x 2.7k, although feeling better in the water, but not necessarily faster.

Can't complain though, we've been very lucky down here in OZ, covid-19 wise, and even better in W.A. We still have a hard border with the other states and the rest of the world, but our isolation has worked in our favour. It's basically "normal" here, social distancing still in effect (although often not observed) and no restrictions on crowds, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. except at large sporting events, e.g. 20,000 cap in a 60,000 capacity stadium. 14-day quarantine for ANYONE entering from interstate or overseas. No community spread, and the only cases for the last few months have been a few returning travellers.

In the midst of all this we decided to buy a new house and move! Well only because something came up that we (meaning my wife) couldn't pass up. So downsized from suburban 4x2 family home on a large block to a 3x2 townhouse on the coast at Port/North Coogee. Only been here 3 weeks but are loving it.

Old house -
New house -

We plan on doing a lot of open water swimming this coming summer. Smile

Keep safe everyone.



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Slowly regaining form Empty Re: Slowly regaining form

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