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Amazfit terrible experience

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Amazfit terrible experience Empty Amazfit terrible experience

Post by orlac Wed Apr 06, 2022 10:16 am

I want to share with you my very bad experience with Amazfit Bip S.
I bought this device for monitoring my indoor swimming session and so far, after more than one month of almost daily usage, I can say that it not a good at all.
Totally useless.

- Error in counting distance/turn is sometime embaracing. Usually error is about 20% and sometime it reached 40%.
- Not able to recognize any stroke type.
- hearthbeat is usually underestimated a lot.
- easily goes in pause during the swimming session creating in you an huge stress because we have to continuosly keep an eye on display for avoiding it.
the only good feature is the long lasting battery but I think it is not enough for buying it...

Moreover, I contacted the Amazfit Support and, sorry to say, it is evn worst than Bip S.
They start an infinite mail loop with a lot of log request.

Often, they also ask to collect something that cannot be done highlighting they are not aware about what they are askying. Really bad.
They proposed to me to replace with a better model but after 2 days, they refused to do it.

After a tons of useless mail they provide to you a different mail address that is supposed to better support you but in the reality they will start from scratch in askying for log, questions...

It is now clear Amazfit's scope is just waiting till you will be full of this stupid and useless support and then you will stop replaying.
So, in short, I lost my money for something that is not able to track water sport even if it is clear reported as possible in the device characteristics.
I do not expect this device performs like a more expensive one like Garmin or Apple but if it reports that swimming can be monitored then it is not true.
Save your money and change brand. Better to spend a bit more and not completely waste your money as I did.
LAst but not least, I'm very disappointed and frustrated with their Support.
It is completely useless and without any product competencies.
They are there just for taking time waiting you will be full of this approach and so will stop mailing


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Amazfit terrible experience Empty Re: Amazfit terrible experience

Post by cottmiler Thu Apr 07, 2022 7:04 pm

How annoying.

I wasted money on swim watches and learned a couple of things.

Firstly the heart rate will generally be lower than when upright.

Secondly, I think it relied on a single impulse at the pool end from a tumble turn.
Otherwise the lap count was unreliable.

An Apple watch seems much better in all respects.


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Amazfit terrible experience Empty Re: Amazfit terrible experience

Post by orlac Mon Apr 11, 2022 6:58 pm

For sure heart rate is not perfectly monitored in the water but, compared to other devices I used, Amazfit returns result quite far from the others.
I'm aware about tumble turn but, once more, Amazfit is the one that introduce the biggest error in counting if compared to the other brand I used.

Last but not least, what is really, really bad is their customer support.
It has been really frustrating have discussion with them.
Scope is not to help you but just wait till you will be full of their useless support and then you will stop replaying.


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Amazfit terrible experience Empty Re: Amazfit terrible experience

Post by gregorywannabe Tue May 03, 2022 5:49 am

I've been using a Garmin Swim 2 for a while now. I've mainly been doing ows, which it does really well. In the pool it's pretty good too. Nearly always misses a lap or 2 (50m-100m) in a 3.2km session, but that's not too bad, considering I'm doing some drills at the start, e.g. 6-3-6, single arm freestyle, etc. It also does running/cycling/cardio, but not with as many bells and whistles as say a garmin forerunner 945. It's perfect for what I want though, and way cheaper than a 945.



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Amazfit terrible experience Empty Re: Amazfit terrible experience

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