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SwimSmooth Swimming Dynamics - Swim Watches Empty SwimSmooth Swimming Dynamics - Swim Watches

Post by cottmiler Wed May 04, 2022 11:03 am

Seeing the interest in swim watches I have recently investigated the SwimSmooth app described below:

When you go for a swim you wear the watch on one arm for a while then swap onto the other arm for a bit and it records all your hand and arm movements during the swim.

When you download onto an ipad or iphone you can examine exactly how well your arm action has performed from the accelerometer readings taken by the app.

Mrs Cott has an Apple watch and installed the app yesterday for her 25m pool swim and when we returned home we could see how technically well she had been swimming by looking at the various charts.

Her worst aspect was that she pulled too closely under her body with the left arm. Next, her right arm entry was a little too much inwards. But otherwise hand angle entry, timing and other things scored reasonably well!

The app allows three free trials and then requires an annual or monthly subscription £120.

Considering the cost of a 1-2-1 analysis of your swimming by a properly trained coach, I think this app is well worth the money!

I does assume that you are a reasonable swimmer to start with and understand what aspects you are trying to improve. You can,t see what you are doing wrong and what needs to change to swim faster and easier.


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