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Post by s.sciame on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:23 pm

Hi all,
what do you guys think about hypoxic training? I have always ignored it, knowing it can be dangerous. Moreover I normally use to breathe as much as possible (ie every 2 strokes) at any pace and intensity.

However, a few days ago a master swimmer talked me about the benefits he had from some hypoxic sets his previous coach used to impart, and I wanted to give it a try. In the last 2 sessions I added some very basic sets like swimming single lengths while gradually reducing the number of inhalations (down to zero) and breathing out continuously but slowly enough to be able to get to the next inhalation without starvate for air. I then also tried some 50's and 100's breathing every 5.

What's interesting for now is that these sets seem a good way to improve technique and efficiency: during the non breathing strokes I can focus on good arm mechanics while trying to remain as relaxed as possible in order not to waiste precious oxygen. As always I take an eye at the pace clock and times are not bad either. Flip turns are a bit better in that I'm confident enough that I don't necessary need to breathe in the last 2 strokes bf the wall in order to flip and pushoff with enough air in the lungs. Last but not least, heart rate seems to be relatively low given the output pace (though I still feel pretty taxed after 100m breathing every 5 at pace 1:30).

So do you guys have any experience on hypoxic sets and what are your thoughts?



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Post by Sprinter on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:41 pm

Oxygen deprivation can improve your lung performance. Adding confidence to your swimming is very useful: not just at the turns, but also in the presence of waves or other breathing-obstacles.

Especially as a sprinter I should do more of them. Okay, I do use the powerbreathing-snorkel, which goes in that direction. And when I hold my breath, then actually I go for the starvation, that is, going hard (at least a little bit ;-)) -- that's needed as a sprinter, and I also actually like it more, since it's over more quickly! At least I always try not to breath at the finish.


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